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Support the CDP Relief Fund and protect yourself with our Reusable Face Shield.


Now in Kid's Sizes

Full coverage designed for children under 12. Buy more save more discounts for classroom sets


You Buy a Pair We Pledge a Pair

All AMDA frames are pledged to a charity promoting education and electronic literacy. We help protect your eyes and you help protect our world.

Shop Blue Light Protection

The Blue Light Difference

  • Stop Digital Eye Strain

    Screens emit harmful 100% UV blue light that can cause lasting Macular Degeneration with prolonged use. AMDA lenses blocks harmful UV light to keep you sharp and focused.

  • 3 Night Guarantee

    You read that right. We're so confident AMDA lenses will repair your circadian rhythm we guarantee it. If you don't notice better rest in 3 days with proper use we'll refund you no questions asked.

  • Cut the Cost of the Modern Age

    Today's world bombards us with lights, screens, and signs seemingly 24/7. Technology may be inescapable but eye strain is not. AMDA lenses allow for unlimited technology usage without the fatigue of staring at a computer all day.



We realize you have an overwhelming amount of options for computer glasses. There is only 1 AMDA. We offer industry leading prices because our profits are not for a corporate structure but rather for charity. AZRE operates for community so we guarantee the highest level of customer service and direct feedback on how your contribution is benefiting the associated cause.

Is blue light filtration obtrusive?

The only thing you'll notice with AMDA is clarity. AMDA uses sapphire diffusion reflection to filter invisible 100% UV light that causes damage to the retina. You'll still be able to see in full color just without the strain that is felt but not seen from digital screens. 

Are AMDA lenses available in prescription?

AMDA glasses are currently entirely non-prescription. Lenses will not otherwise impact your vision but will filter 100% UV light to stay fresh and focused all day long.